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UX Research & Design Strategy

Hello, my name is Paul. I’m a UX Researcher and Design Strategist. I work in San Francisco, CA applying UX design research methods across a variety of business and user challenges. I am driven to provide actionable insights and uncover new opportunities that improve product and user experiences. This website showcases the portfolio of design research projects from my professional experience. Thank you for viewing. I look forward to having a thoughtful conversation with you.

Where I excel:
I am passionate about helping users improve their interactions with omni-channel service experiences spanning healthcare, transportation, finance, insurance and other industries. I leverage human-centered design methods to gain empathy and perspective on the users of a system. Getting out in the world to observe, inquire, and experience first-hand the various aspects of a product/service in its context yields tremendous opportunities. We use these insights to formulate new ideas and design recommendations to improve the user experience (UX) from at the intersection of user desirability, business viability, and technological feasibility. I value working in partnership with multi-disciplinary stakeholders. I appreciate a good team of diverse backgrounds and positive mindsets.

Personal interests:

When not working, I enjoy a variety of activities and pursuits. My greatest excitement comes from kitesurfing. I learned how to kitesurf in Florida over 15 years ago, and I have continued to ride around the world when the weather and time allows. Some of my favorite places where I have spent much time on the beach include, the Florida Keys, the Outer Banks, South Padre Island, and the California coast. Other enjoyment in my life stems from a variety of other boards sports, photography, playing the bass, traveling, and spending time with my family.

Example projects:

Engaging Patients Living with Heart Failure

Overhauling Healthcare Customer Service Model

Designing the Future of Autonomous Car Repair








I have worked for companies big and small. UnitedHealth Group (Optum), Allstate, Steelcase, and a variety of other enterprises are where my work has created value. Additionally, at any given time I might be working with smaller businesses through my freelance projects. Innovation, consumer experience design, service design, growth initiatives, and new product / business development are all variations of jobs and roles I have held. I find this line of work to be most fulfilling for me and value-add for others.


My graduate education from IIT Institute of Design helped me develop a language, skill-set, and process for design research to apply towards new product and service design. I have an appreciation for abstracting problems, understanding the root issues/opportunities, exploring a diverse range of opportunities, narrowing to a few prioritized concepts, and prototyping and testing our way to success. My previous work and education in graphic/web design and UX design is a useful toolset in terms of bringing new ideas to life, or working closely with those who specialize doing so.

• Ethnographic research • contextual inquiries • evaluative research • workshop planning / facilitation • persona development • concept development • illustration • storyboarding • storytelling • empathy • rapid prototyping • usability studies • quantitative research • data analytics • programming (PHP, HTML, CSS) • UX/UI design • executive communication • journey mapping • structured synthesis • ideation • business strategy • financial modeling • data visualization • having fun 🙂