2013 Design Strategy Conference

2013 Design Strategy Conference

Strategy Conference

IIT Institute of Design, Chicago, IL

This year’s Design Strategy conference was held at the Spertus Institute on Michigan Avenue of Chicago, IL. Fortunately for me, I was able to volunteer as the event photographer for the 2-day event. The position allowed me front row access to all of the prestigious speakers.

Carl Bass (CEO, Autodesk), Catherine Casserly (CEO, Creative Commons), Stepan Pachikov (Founder, Evernote), Barry Schwartz (Professor of Psychology, Swarthmore College) were some of the keynote speakers during the conference. Additionally, many of other speakers, including several IIT design professors took the stage to speak from experience about the provocative idea of design beginning to creep into the strategies of major corporations. In the modern complex / interconnected world, where new technologies, information systems, and business models are turning classic models on their head, there is a growing gap for creativity and design to help steer the future of many companies.

I continue to be intrigued with the notion of design becoming a critical component of the business world. The combination of design and strategy is an fascinating intersection of fields, and I appreciate experiences such as these to learn more about how they can help one another. For great sketch notes of the conference, check out the Core77 article. See the rest of my conference photos from the event on my flickr page.


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