Design Research Conference

The Adjacent Possible

2012 Design Research Conference

Larry Keeley - 10 types of innovationIIT Institute of Design – 2012 DRC

The 2012 Design Research Conference put on by the students of IIT Institute of Design was an incredible learning experience for all involved. From speakers, to attendees, to organizers, the event fostered an environment of high-level thought that spanned multiple disciplines. The conference theme, “The Adjacent Possible” meant guest speakers were chosen from a range of professional fields in order to bring the current theories and practices to the forefront of the attendees minds. Investigating lateral networks of ideas such as behavioral economics, psychology, story-making, and others with the goal of familiarizing the next generation of designers with the required scope of issues.


Fortunately for me, I was able to take full advantage of the conference – listening intently to respected guest speakers such as Larry Keeley, Hugh Dubberly, Don Norman, Elliot Hedman, and many others – by volunteering my photography services. TheĀ  position granted me front row access to the 2-day long event, and allowed me to actively participate in the conference while fulfilling my job duties. Still in my first semester at ID, I was able to connect the concepts being taught in school to the real world applications discussed throughout the conference. I extend my gratitude to the student organizers of the 2012 DRC for doing such an amazing job at flawlessly putting the event together to everyone’s enjoyment.


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