Volunteer Photographer for 75th Anniversary

Commencement Dinner at IIT Herman Hall

IIT Institute of Design – 75th Anniversary

ID 75th Reunion

Volunteer Photographer for the Landmark Event

On the evening of the second day of the Design Research Conference, IIT Institute of Design held an event in celebration of their 75th anniversary. The festivity included refreshments, entertainment, and a commencement dinner at the Herman Hall on Illinois Institute of Technology main campus.


In order to be a part of the event, I volunteered my time to be a photographer. Many other students also graciously volunteered for various positions such as registration, set-up, clean-up, running the scrap book table, and others. However, I enjoyed the fact that my photographer position granted me the ability to engage in conversation with the several generations of ID alumni throughout the night. As required of me, I was able to approach all of the groups and learn about their school experiences while I captured some memorable photos. The range of conversations led to interesting stories of the school’s profound history in addition to the life stories of past graduates.


Please see below for a few of the images I took at the event. Or view the larger set at the Institute of Design Flickr page.