Orientation Day-1 at IIT Institute of Design

40 Methods and 40 Cultures Collide

Orientation Day-1 at IIT Institute of Design

IIT Institute of Design View onto La Salle and Kinzie40 Methods and 40 Cultures

Here I sit on day-1 of orientation at the IIT Institute of Design. I am a new student, in a new room, new building, and new city wondering what is to come of my decision to attend graduate school. I just enrolled into the dual design/business program at IIT with hopes to expand my knowledge and methodologies in order to better infuse my practice of design and business.


Patrick Whitney – the Dean of ID – stands in front of the attentive classroom full of eager faces and lays it all out for us. He explains, “This is a methods oriented school, in a world less about predictiveness and more about responsiveness.” The lecture inspires my curiosity about the 40+ methods he mentions, which will give us the ability to look at problems with a broader view. While this is exactly why I am excited to take classes here, at first thought, the idea seems daunting to incorporate it all into my workflow.


Even more interesting than what is being presented in front of all of the impressionistic minds, is the culture as a whole I have just stepped into. Glancing around at my fellow classmates, I notice that I am in for more than just one type of learning experience. As we move on throughout the morning to student introductions, I listen to everyone’s unique story, and can’t help but to take note at where the new students have recently traveled from to begin their studies.


I thought I had traveled far – just over 1000 miles to Chicago from south Texas. I scribble down the countries from which my fellow students are recent transplants. South Korea, Japan, India, Mexico, Brazil, China, Canada, and Bangladesh are just to name a few. From those students whom previously studied at universities within the United States, a spout of impressive undergraduate institutions as well: Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Yale, DuPont, Brown, Art Institute of Chicago, Cranbrook, Florida State (Go Seminoles!), and others.


All in all, I am equally impressed and intrigued; both by the prolific professors standing in front of me, and the intelligent individuals sitting at my side. I look forward to the rich conversations that we will soon ensue both in- and outside of the classrooms at the IIT Institute of Design.