Sketching as Communication

The Use of Hand-Drawn Sketches to Foster Communication

Sketching as Communication

Interactive Media Workshop Personas

Using quick sketches and narrative storyboards to foster communication

One of the greatest components of design that sets is apart from the rest is still the creativity. As a result, I am a sound believer in the hand-drawn element involvedĀ in communicating ideas. Nothing compares to the speed and effectiveness of a quick sketch in order to gain alignment among a group, or put your thoughts down on paper in a concrete fashion.

I enjoy seeing everyone’s personal style reveal itself when we are forced to put pen to paper. Nuances of line weight, style, and composition show much about someone’s thoughts and experience on the matter at hand. Personally, I am thrilled to still incorporate pen and paper in many of the projects I am involved with at school or work. Therefore, both for personal satisfaction and communication ability, I will continue to use of sketching throughout life.


Gallery of Paul’s Recent Sketches: