Allstate: The Connected-Car Repair Service

Connected-car initiatives leveraging telematics

How might we... develop new service models to maintain a competitive edge as autonomous vehicles disrupt private car insurance.

How might we… Develop new service models to maintain a competitive edge as autonomous vehicles disrupt private car insurance.

Defining the Future of Autonomous Car Repair

During my experience at Allstate, I worked as a UX Researcher on the New Products & Services Innovation and Development Team. This opportunity gave me the ability to directly apply my knowledge from my studies at the IIT design and business graduate programs. I was given the responsibility of running a new service design project that was positioned to bridge their current offerings of Roadside Assistance and Connected-Car initiatives. By collaborating with industry professionals, conducting in-field research, developing website demand tests, and other aspects really made for a great experience.



  • Generated new intellectual property (IP) for Allstate
  • Outlined opportunities for strategic acquisitions (M&A)
  • Instituted website landing pages to test consumer demand
  • Established working prototype to guide further product development


Throughout the summer we were able to take a lean approach to rapidly moving between primary/secondary research, concept generation, and concept prototyping in a 12-week design sprint. The project helped me gain experience in working across business functions in a large organization, as well as pitching ideas to executives and other stakeholders. By the end, we were running small-scale prototypes of the ideas in a lean manner to quickly understand what the pricing and business model would suit the concept. What I felt was one of my greatest accomplishments was getting out of the building to test ideas with real potential users while gathering feedback and incorporating those changes.


Process and Activities:

  • Ethnographic & contextual interviews
  • Quantitative survey creation
  • Financial model development
  • Lean startup application
  • Prototyping the low-fidelity service model
  • Coding demand test landing pages
  • Facilitating workshops and collaborative sessions
  • Partnering closely with product development
  • Usability & evaluative testing


Process Photos:


Process Video: