Healthcare Advocacy: Improving Consumer NPS

How might we... increase consumer satisfaction and NPS to improve market share and differentiation of the service.

How might we… increase consumer satisfaction and NPS to improve market share and differentiation of the service.

Overhauling Healthcare Customer Service Model

For Optum’s non-clinical services such as Healthcare Advisor, consumer satisfaction is critical to maintain satisfied consumers, clients, and operations staff. The Healthcare Advisor service represents an offering where consumers call into their health insurance benefits and services line to inquire about everything related to their health plan such as benefits, claims, finances, incentives, health programs, and prescriptions. In 2016, the service set out to establish a best-in-class Net Promoter Score (NPS) to improve market share and consumer demand. The ultimate goal was to double the NPS.



  • Increased the consumer NPS from 40 to 52
  • Established strategic playbook for improving customer service across the company
  • Formalized call analysis process and database of best practices
  • Pioneered new experience prototyping methods
  • Overhauled IVR user experience



First, we examined the current-state service offering through call center observations, call listening & analysis, and operations focus groups. This provided a foundation for barriers and opportunities to raise to the surface throughout later working sessions and prototyping. Structured methods we used for the analysis and synthesis of themes and insights so that they could be tracked and organized for easy communication and ability to move forward.

Second, we looked to external companies for benchmarks on what they are doing well and how we can derive inspiration for ourselves. Top consumer-oriented companies were targeted such as Disney, Ritz-Carlton, Southwest, Nordrstom, USAA, Zappos and more. From this effort, which included primary and secondary research methods, we developed a strategic guide for improved recruiting, hiring, training, management, and culture techniques. This guide provided a vision for how we can craft and adopt our own strategies based on explicit examples working successfully in other companies.

Lastly, we stood up an experience prototype based on the principles established throughout previous phases. An improved call model was utilized, as well as best-in-class training techniques. Other work streams scaled hiring, training, recruiting, and culture strategies across the 75-person call center team. Through an agile process, we launched and collected feedback from consumers about changes we instituted on a daily basis. Overall, we achieved the goal of increasing the NPS of the service offering, over the course of several quarters, to a score of 52.


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