Taking Time off to Raise our Daughter 👪

Taking time off work to raise our daughter

Emphasizing: Patience, planning, flexibility, and strength (both mental and physical)

Taking a major step back from your career isn’t easy. It goes against many drivers engrained in us by school, work, colleagues, society, etc. However, when the opportunity arose to step away from work to care for our newborn daughter in 2021, I volunteered. At the time, I was ready for a physical break from the computer. Initially, stepping down was straight forward. Staying away –  and being content to stay out of the workforce – to refocus your life on your child is a major long-term adjustment.

I’ve gained an incredible amount of respect for mothers and fathers who’ve chosen this household manager role. The emotional highs can be outstanding, while the lows can be utterly challenging. It’s a 12 hour workday, 7 days per week. In the section below, I’ll outline what insights I’ve picked up along the way, and key takeaways. I’m confident that these life learnings are applicable to a variety of circumstances, including future career roles.


Key learnings from my daughter:

  • Patience – Wow. a true test. knowing bad phases will pass
  • Planning – You’ve got to have a good structure to keep up with demanding schedule
  • Flexibility – Know when to pivot and try new things. Also bending over a lot 😉
  • Devotion – Appreciating my mom for taking time off work to raise us. choosing to not put career as #1, and taking a deliberate hit
  • Strength – Not the dad bod you thought…


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